How to Keep Client Satisfaction High

Learn how to keep your clients continually satisfied and informed about the work you’re doing through the assistance of quality control inspection software.

Sources of Client Dissatisfaction

Janitorial and other facility management companies work tirelessly to ensure that their customers’ buildings are kept neat and clean. Often, to convenience customers and not disrupt their work, your employees do their best to stay “out of sight” — which too often results in staying “out of mind” as well. Most of the work done by janitorial teams addresses behind-the-scene details of a facility, but this discreet business model can pose certain hazards to your company relationships.

The last thing a facility manager expects is to receive a letter of termination from someone they considered a loyal customer who was happy with the services performed. Despite all your dedication and hard work, it is very easy for your customers to be left with uncertainty about what work you are doing for them, if these jobs are being completed, who your company is, and what quality standards are being met.

When clients don’t know what exactly their cleaning contractors are doing for them, it’s easy to assume the worst: that work isn’t being fulfilled upon, the deadlines are floating, and that quality is subpar. At CleanTelligent, we aim to alleviate these client concerns, filling in their uncertainty with positive reinforcement for your company.

Addressing Client Needs with Quality Control Inspection Software

CleanTelligent’s quality control inspection software helps ensure that your customers are consistently reminded of the value your cleaning company provides. CleanTelligent makes it easy for quality control managers to provide your clientele with all the pertinent information regarding your services.

Having worked in the cleaning industry for years, our team at CleanTelligent understands that your customer’s experience is vital to your company success. We’ve identified several key client concerns that, if addressed properly, help your customers feel in the loop, comfortable, and satisfied with the services received:

  • Do your clients know who you are?

    While this seems like a silly question, it’s easy for your customers to forget your company name, why they originally chose you for the job, or what sets your company apart from others. CleanTelligent Software helps with this by providing a uniquely branded solution and client portal. Whenever your customers enter the portal, they see your logo and color scheme, and associate your personal branding with your business’ commitment to their positive experience.

  • Do your clients know you are fulfilling the contract?

    Your team has been busily cleaning the blinds, waxing the floors, or dusting periodically as per the agreement. However, if your customers don’t hear any confirmation that the promised services are being delivered, they may assume that all the hard work you do isn’t happening. CleanTelligent’s robust features allow you to itemize lists of services promised to each facility, and to create schedules detailing when these tasks are performed (through our included job scheduling software), and report on task status. This way, your clients always know what you’re working on, and when it is completed.

  • Do your clients know you are inspecting the facility?

    Performing quality cleaning services is one thing, and holding them to a high standard is another. With CleanTelligent’s quality control inspection software, your managers can conduct detailed inspections of all areas of a facility. With customizable inspection forms, visibility into past inspections, and the ability to track problem areas over time, it’s easy to create clear metrics for success. CleanTelligent has a feature for clients to sign off on each inspection as well, involving them in the process.

  • Do your clients trust that you are responsive?

    No customer wants to feel that their requests are falling through the cracks. With CleanTelligent, your customers can quickly submit work orders that employees are instantly notified of on their mobile devices. When the tasks are completed, employees can update the task status from their phone, and the task completion is given a time and date stamp. This way, client needs are always communicated from a single inbox, visible to both managers and on-site fulfillment teams.

Communicating Quality to Your Customers

By anticipating your clients’ needs upfront, your team can take care to address their concerns throughout your business relationship. At CleanTelligent, we understand how crucial client retention is to your facility management business. Our quality control inspection software provides a channel through which your clients know that personal attention is consistently administered to their facility, never giving them cause to doubt your fantastic service. Start streamlining your client communication today with the help of our capable software solutions.

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