The Best Ways to Prove Professionalism to Potential Clients

Struggling to prove yourself and win over desired prospects? Learn how things like certifying employees and using cleaning software go a long way.

Are you trying to gain new business but can’t impress desired clients enough to sign with you?

Here are some of the best ways to help your company get past typical expectations and prove a higher standard of professionalism to potential customers:

Surpass basic employee training

Many companies run their employees through only the most basic job training that they may need. Additional training may come a little here and there as required.

But Stacie H. Whitacre, in her article for Contracting Profits magazine, offers a very compelling idea for helping your cleaning business appear more professional.

“Some BSCs are turning to certification programs, either in-house/self-created or external, such as those from associations, to give their training added importance and legitimacy,” she said.

She pointed out that one individual who works at a cleaning training company not only trains his employees but also has them take tests. Based on the results, these employees can earn certificates and patches for their uniforms.

Use cleaning software

Having stacks of work orders on your desk or using a notepad to record notes during inspections are time-wasters and less professional in comparison to currently available cleaning software.

Potential customers are looking more and more for companies who embrace and effectively use cleaning technology. They want their needs to be resolved faster and for B2B communication to be simpler.

Yes, the cost of cleaning software might be a little more than you’re comfortable with up front but it will save you money and increase productivity over time. Using one tool instead of several to get a job scheduled and completed will impress potential customers and simplify your operations.

Treat business presentations like gold

Too many managers see business presentations or service pitches as a “necessary evil.” That’s probably because they don’t spend enough time preparing them or know how to really engage audiences. Unchecked, your cleaning business image will be impaired.

Here are some professional tips from Fit Small Business and Inc. Magazine on how to improve your business presentation skills:

  • Practice more than two or three times before getting up in front of people. Don’t just create PowerPoint slides and go with it.
  • Start by asking the audience what they hope you will cover. This will help guide the direction of what you present and keep your listeners engaged.
  • Use PowerPoint slides and videos very sparingly. Focus more on presenting in a way that creates a more personal connection with your audience. Don’t put them to sleep!

Go beyond company-sponsored content

If you want to appear more professional to potential clients, you also need to be in more places where they can find you and notice it.

Company-sponsored content such as blog posts, webinars, social media posts, podcasts and such are great ways to prove professionalism but you need to find other ways to market your cleaning business.

There are many different things you can do, such as speaking at industry events, writing guest post content, joining local community groups, or participating in a Facebook group dedicated to commercial cleaning.

Be present, well-dressed, and up-to-date

You need to go deeper than simply making sure your cleaning employees show up to job assignments on time, wear matching uniforms, and know industry best practices.

Managers and employees who are actively working on the job, constantly improving upon negative cleaning inspection results, and are friendly with people they come in contact with are more “present” than what their timecards may say.

Uniforms are nice, but they mean nothing if managers and employees show up in wrinkled or dirty outfits. Emphasize the need for always keeping uniforms neat and clean. Employees should be “well-dressed” and not just in their work clothes.

Being “up-to-date” is also important for your online presence. Be consistent with publishing quality content on your website or social media accounts. It’s likely that potential customers will find you online first.

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