Tips for Attracting Millennial Customers to Your Cleaning Business

Want more millennials as customers? Get involved in business events and use cleaning company management software.

A 21-year-old wearing a beanie, sloppy clothes, lying on a couch, jamming with their headphones in and surfing the Internet on the latest smartphone—this is what some people have in mind when they think of a millennial.

But beyond this stereotypical snapshot, millennials are driven and successful when it comes to business. There are many interesting facts about millennials that you might not have realized before.

Were you aware that young entrepreneurs tend to lead larger teams of employees than baby boomers, are less intimidated by failure and are more conscious about social impact?

Did you know that 75 percent of millennial business owners expect their company profits to increase during the upcoming year?

So how can you draw in more of this enthusiastic and outstanding group as customers for your cleaning company? Here are five ways to do it:

  1. Start or join in discussions about topics that millennials are interested in.

    For example, have you heard about the recent Pok√©mon Go craze? If so, has your business tried to take advantage of that yet? The more your cleaning company jumps in on trending topics that millennials care about, the more they will be drawn to you. Even better, start discussions that they will want to participate in. Actively use social media too. If you don’t, you will miss out on many opportunities.

    Woman using smartphone
  2. Be tech savvy yourself and use the latest technology, like cleaning company management software.

    About 85 percent of millennials own a smartphone and spend hours online each day. Feed that desire for technology by having cleaning management software for your company. Millennials will be impressed if you also use mobile devices to fulfill work orders or check job schedules. The last thing you want to look like is a pen-and-paper user that’s behind in the digital age.

  3. Show millennial prospects that you care about the development of your younger employees.

    Offer your own millennial employees access to conferences and classes that will build general business skills which go beyond cleaning and maintenance. Feature this company focus in your company content. On a side note, one survey found that 70 percent of millennial employees who want to leave their jobs noted a lack of professional development as a factor.

  4. Show off a fun, service-oriented company culture on your website to draw in millennial visitors.

    Devote a section of your company website to showcasing your company culture and how you are dedicated to serving in your area. Include professional videos, pictures and employee testimonials. If your company culture is not very exciting or service-minded, change that today! You can’t expect millennials to want to work with a company that doesn’t inspire them or isn’t passionate about making an impact.

  5. Market for millennial customers in the right places, such as business events.

    Young businessman waling in downtown square

    Many communities hold events that are focused on local and state-wide businesses. You might as well advertise your cleaning services in places where younger business owners already spend their time. The more you can get outside of your business and personally market to millennials, the better.

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