Customer Loyalty Tips for the Holidays

Does your cleaning business have a plan to increase customer loyalty during the holidays? Check out these ideas and use cleaning service software.

There is a powerful tool to increase your overall revenue by five to 10 percent and decrease client turnover. Do you know what it is?

Customer loyalty programs.

And, no, that doesn’t mean just sending your customers a holiday card every year.

According to sources, almost 90 percent of consumers want quality loyalty programs and 62 percent say the companies they are loyal to are not doing enough to express their gratitude.

The holidays are the perfect time to start implementing a program or upgrading it if you already have one in place. We gathered six amazing ideas that BSCs need to start doing to impress and reward loyal customers:

  1. Reward with personalized gifts


    Too many businesses reward customer referrals with a stale gift card or extra cash. It’s time to mix up how you say thank you to your clients!

    One company discovered that about 80 percent of consumers would love loyalty programs more if they were given a variety of rewards to choose from.

    Think of several different items that your customers would want and give them the power to choose what they can take home.

  2. Use cleaning service software

    Do you want to prove that your cleaning business is committed to providing higher quality services for your customers? Invest in the latest technology and adopt cleaning service software for 2017.

    Kelly Kangles, sales and marketing manager for Eco-Friendly Building Services, explains the importance of such a business move for her company.

    “It shows [customers] that we’re keeping up with technology and we’re bringing new ideas and services to them,” said Kangles. “[You] can say to them: We’ve been doing your cleaning for years and now we’re stepping it up.”

  3. Throw a holiday party

    Holiday party

    This might seem a little extreme, but how many cleaning businesses actually do this for their customers? Can’t think of many, right?


    Select some of your most loyal customers to invite and create an entertaining holiday event for them to attend with their families. It will greatly solidify your business relationships and you will always be remembered for it.

  4. Start a social media campaign

    Show your customers how fun and giving your business is during the holidays on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

    Think of creative ways to post exclusive deals, contests or to highlight particular customers. Participate in a local charity event and share your involvement.

    Decrease your stress at work by creating a content calendar and planning how often and what you will post.

  5. Send a book

    Woman reading a book

    You’ve probably read a book or two during the year that has influenced your leadership and your cleaning business’ success. Why not send a copy of one of these books to some of your loyal customers as a gift?

    Help Scout encourages business owners to also write a note in the front of the book to add a more personal touch.

  6. Create a holiday coupon

    As you send out your company newsletters and emails during the holiday season, include a random coupon with a surprising offer or discount that’s exclusively for loyal customers.

    It will add more color and excitement to your content and make your customers feel special.

CleanTelligent Software offers many services to help cleaning businesses build customer loyalty, like mobile inspections and work orders. Learn about our cleaning business software on our solutions page!


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