Get Your Cleaning Business Off the Plateau

These six ideas can catapult your cleaning business to the next level. Learn about the power of webinars, cleaning management software, and more.

Business growth plateaus are not a bad thing.

Allowing your cleaning business to “camp out” on that plateau is.

Simply repeating what you did last year or maintaining current levels of performance can keep your business stuck or send it tumbling off the edge later.

Get your cleaning business off that plateau now and start experimenting with other profitable ideas to help it grow, such as these six:

  1. Host free webinars


    One of the most effective ways to create compelling video content, expand brand presence and showcase industry knowledge is through company webinars.

    Host a company webinar at least once a month and have a member of management present a topic that is important to your potential customers. If you’re not sure about choosing a topic, ask potential or current customers what subjects matter to them and see which ones are mentioned the most.

    Here are some extra tips for hosting an effective webinar:

    • Broadcast for no longer than 30 minutes
    • Tell personal experiences to make your points more interesting
    • Offer an incentive to register, such as a free e-book
    • Send out a survey afterward to further engage your audience
  2. Use cleaning management software for bidding

    Was it tough winning cleaning bids in 2016? The process can be very difficult and competitive. There are so many things to calculate and put into a proposal.

    To expand your cleaning business this year, you should consider employing the use of cleaning management software for your bidding process.

    With janitorial bidding software like CleanTelligent, you can finally abandon Excel spreadsheets and use templates to streamline the process of determining production rates and other necessary details.

  3. Redefine your target market

    How long has it been since you and your management team went back and reviewed the types of people you market to?

    If it’s been months or years, now is the perfect time to analyze who your janitorial business should be marketing to this year. The more accurate your target market is, the faster your janitorial business can grow.

    Check out our webinar about target markets to help you get started!

  4. Partnerships

    Businesspeople shaking hands

    Have you ever thought of teaming up with another person or company in the cleaning industry to produce content with you?

    For example, you could discuss certain elements of employee training in a blog post or webinar and include a guest cleaning consultant. Have the consultant share that content to their followers to help spread the word about your business. This extra exposure could get you some valuable leads.

  5. Update your email newsletter

    Email newsletters are a fantastic way to reach out to your existing customer base. You can sell them additional products or services, inform them about special deals, or update them about important changes going on in your business.

    If you’ve already been sending out email newsletters, think of different things you can do to boost your results.

    Web Solutions, a digital marketing company, offered helpful tips for getting more people to open and read your email newsletters:

    “It doesn’t matter how great the content of your email, if it has a boring or unclear subject line it may never even be opened. When writing subject lines, be clear about what the email contains, convey what benefit it will provide, and keep it short — 50 characters or fewer.”

    “A study by Experian shows that emails with personalized subject lines are 29 percent more likely to be opened, so consider using a name or other personalization when sending your email newsletter.”

  6. Refresh your website

    What was the number of leads or new customers that your company website brought in last year? Was it disappointing? Is your website a little outdated?

    It’s time to change things up. Hire an online marketing consultant or service that can improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or start updating elements on your web pages like design, calls-to-action (CTA) or content.

    Small changes can go a long way to attract new customers.

Grow your business with CleanTelligent Software! We offer many solutions for cleaning business owners, such as mobile inspections. Learn about our cleaning management software on our solutions page!


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