How Much Do You Really Love Your Employees?

Want to improve cleaning employee training and retention rates? Take our short survey and see how well you do with culture, cleaning business software and more.


Valentine’s Day is only a few days away but it’s not only about your “special someone.”

Forget your to-do list of grabbing those flowers and pasty chocolates and think for a moment about your own cleaning employees. What have you done this past year to show your love and appreciation for them?

Your cleaning business would not be where it is today without their hard work and diligence.

Take our fun survey below and see how much you really love your cleaners:

Yes or no? Do you…

1. Simplify their tasks by utilizing cleaning business software?

 Y   N

2. Have a well-stocked break room with healthy snacks they can enjoy?

 Y   N

3. Consistently recognize their efforts in meetings or in private?

 Y   N

4. Allow time for participation in career building events or opportunities (certification training, etc.)?

 Y   N

5. Have a training area to help improve their cleaning skills?

 Y   N

6. Offer flexible work hours?

 Y   N

7. Gather regular feedback from them anonymously so they feel safe to give honest opinions?

 Y   N

8. Require them to take vacations each year?

 Y   N

9. Get them involved with community service projects to fulfill a sense of purpose?

 Y   N

10. Celebrate their first-year work anniversaries?

 Y   N

Your total score is 0 / 10

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