Four Gifts from a Janitorial Software Company

This holiday season, CleanTelligent comes bearing janitorial software as well as four more gifts that your team can start using today.

If you manage a janitorial team, this article is for you! It doesn’t matter if you’re currently using our janitorial software to its fullest potential or are looking to use it more. We’re offering four carefully wrapped gifts, each one designed to help your team work smarter rather than harder this coming year.

Each gift is a series of highlights from this year’s blog posts. We’ve gone back and organized our posts into four main categories:

  1. Run Better, Faster, Stronger
  2. Every Step Matters
  3. Simplify Your Work
  4. Measure Your Success

As you read, if an idea strikes your curiosity, click on the link in each bullet point to read the associated blog post.

We can’t wait for you to open and use these gifts!

Gift #1: Run Better, Faster, Stronger

Make your company better, faster, stronger.

At the beginning of each year, it’s easy to set both personal and professional SMART goals. As you have visions of building a “better, faster, stronger” janitorial team, consider the following:

  • Once you have dreamed up a long list of resolutions that you want to tackle in the new year, narrow your list down to three. Make them into goals. If you can complete these three goals before the end of the year, great — you have time to pick another three! But nothing drains your enthusiasm like having too many New Year’s resolutions.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of the quick win. For instance, if you ever have put yourself on a diet to lose 10 pounds, the best motivator is to lose one pound. You can make similar improvements in your business as well, and the best way to measure these improvements is to use a janitorial software tool like CleanTelligent.
  • Remember, you have a team of employees that are working toward the same goals. As you find the right employees for your team, look for ways to improve your employee retention.

Gift #2: Every Step Matters

Like a garden, every step matters.

Although there are many techniques for growing “better” gardens, there really aren’t any secrets or shortcuts. Just like gardening, “every step matters” as you build your janitorial team. Here are some ideas to help your team and business grow:

  • Just as a plant needs the right combination of sunlight and shade, your cleaning business needs the right combination of online and offline marketing techniques.
  • Another important aspect of gardening is a knowledgeable gardener. Just because someone can clean their house, it doesn’t mean they are ready to clean commercially. Don’t skip or skimp on an employee’s training. And if there is a language barrier, it can be overcome.
  • According to Sir Richard Branson “If you look after your staff, they’ll look after your customers. It’s that simple.” Even if this advice sounds expensive, it doesn’t have to be. There are a lot of affordable ways to build employee appreciation into your company culture.

Gift #3: Simplify Your Work

Janitorial software helps you simplify your work.

Imagine a workplace where work orders are spread across multiple sheets of paper, emails and text messages. If you are successfully guiding your team through this kind of chaos, you are a superhero. But if your DNA hasn’t changed yet, remember that Bruce Wayne used inventions to become super-powered. CleanTelligent’s janitorial software can be your team’s competitive edge against the dirt and grime of the world.

While your team is working to implement CleanTelligent Software or looking to use more of its capabilities, here are some additional ideas on how to “simplify your work:”

  • It’s easy to become a workaholic when there’s a business to run and cleaning to be done. Remember that finding a work/life balance is an important part of workplace wellness.
  • Delegating tasks can help you find a healthy work/life balance and promote personal and professional development within your team.
  • Time is the world’s only evenly distributed resource. Because you can’t “make” new time, protect the time you have by working smarter rather than harder.

Gift #4: Measure Your Success

Janitorial Software helps measure your success.

Before you set next year’s goals, reflect on the challenges and successes your janitorial team has faced this year. Only after you evaluate where you have been can you chart a course to your next destination. Here are some landmarks to look for:

  • The average customer retention rate in the jan/san industry is 75 percent. Look over the contracts you ended the year with. What did your team try to do to increase your business’ retention rate? Talk to your team, evaluate what worked well and decide what you want to try next.
  • The jan/san industry is unique because it influences and interacts with every other industry. As the year comes to an end, look at how your team has improved the community.
  • If there are people who have made a difference in your business and life this last year, reach out and thank them. Remember that gratitude can change your business and life.

We would like to thank all our customers, industry leaders and friends for working and learning with us in 2018. We look forward to achieving new heights in 2019.

Check out our solutions page or schedule a demo to learn how janitorial software can streamline your business in 2019.


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