The Top 7 Things Your Website May Be Missing

When it comes to doing business, especially in the services industry, the last question on your mind may be, “How is my website doing?” Does it even matter if I have a good website?

If you step back a moment, however, you will realize very quickly that a good chunk of your business is likely coming from the internet. Think of it this way: If a company or individual needs their home or business cleaned, secured, inspected or restored, they are probably going to go to and type their question right in. For example, if I live in Memphis, TN and I want a company who is reliable and cheap to clean my building, I will type in, “Cheap reliable cleaning company in Memphis.”

If Google has a website which matches the keyphrase “Cheap reliable cleaning company in Memphis”, they will be more likely to serve that website up as the number one spot on their search results page. This website is going to get the most people visiting it because it’s the first result on the page. Higher traffic on your website means more calls coming in, which means more business and money for your company. (more…)

How to Prevent Distractions from Halting Productivity

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An entire office gathered around the break room TV, breathlessly watching and awaiting their country’s next goal.  One or two employees, though on the phones with customers, have the game on full-screen on a second monitor.  They may be talking to clients with their mouths, but their minds are on something else entirely.  All the while, the manager sits quietly in an office, doing his absolute best to stay focused while not being “that guy” who ruins all the fun for everyone else. 

Doubtless, you’ve all heard stories similar to these.  While the World Cup is currently providing the latest opportunity for employees to distract themselves from their day-to-day responsibilities at work, it certainly won’t be the last.  Here are some tips for properly dealing with distractions and outside noise that can harm the productivity of your workforce. (more…)

Powerful Management Techniques to Improve Efficiency

shutterstock_126579008 (small)A team of employees is only as productive and efficient as its manager.  A good manager or leader will bring out the best in their team, both as a group and on an individual, person-by-person basis.

I’ve had experiences at a past employer where an ineffective manager caused a significant dip in productivity.  The existing employees – who, by the way, were quite efficient when under previous leadership – were visibly less proficient in performing their day-to-day tasks.  Not only that, but having this unsuccessful leader led to constant turnover in that  department.  In a one-year period alone, the department went through about twice as many employees as they had the year before.

That same department eventually replaced that manager with one that was immediately a breath of fresh air.  Because the manager was more adept at bringing out the best in their workforce, employee turnover was reduced to a minimum and the employees found themselves far more productive than before.  (more…)

The Importance of Customer Interaction

bigstock-We-Have-A-Deal-14908937 (small)Many of us have already done inspections – some of you may still be doing them on a regular basis – but it’s always nice to see a new employee realize how helpful these processes can be for cleaner and client alike.  One thing that’s even more important than the inspection itself, however, is the relationship you have with that property manager.

Recently, Porter Industries received a grant from ISSA to hire an intern.  This intern (named Trent) had multiple job responsibilities, including doing inspections.  Trent chose to capture his experiences by writing down his thoughts and feelings about how he used his assigned inspection as a way to build his relationship with clients. (more…)