Top Quality Control Mistakes and How to Solve Them (Part 1)

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Here are four mistakes cleaning companies make when it comes to quality control. Solve them by making employees aware of expectations, keeping track with quality control inspection software and more. Quality isn’t something you define. Quality is not what happens when what you do matches your intentions. It is what happens when what you do […]

Five Reasons Why Customer Service Suffers

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Learn why things such as ignoring feedback, solving all of the problems and not using software for cleaning services negatively impact your customer base. A computerized voice blares from your phone: “Your expected wait time is…five minutes.” You glance at the clock and half-heartedly commit to stay on the line until an actual human being […]

Streamlining Your Billing and Accounting Processes

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Simplify money management by establishing a routine, not trying to be cheap, using accounting and cleaning services software side by side and more. Good news. The majority of small business owners expect good cash flow over the next year, according to the statistics online portal, Statisca. But in the 2015 State of Small Business Report, […]

How to Make Informed Business Decisions

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Find out why taking risks, seeking feedback and staying productive with cleaning management software can help you make the best decisions for your business. Would you agree if somebody told you that guitar bands were going out of style? That is what Decca Records told four young musicians at the start of their career. The […]

Tips to Build a Successful Startup Cleaning Company

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Starting your own cleaning company? You need to have a plan, know your competition and use technology like janitorial software to stay competitive. About eighty percent. If you’re a movie fan, that’s the Rotten Tomatoes rating for the new, Oscar-nominated, frontiersman movie, The Revenant. But this number also reveals how many startup companies in the […]

How to Keep Client Satisfaction High

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Learn how to keep your clients continually satisfied and informed about the work you’re doing through the assistance of quality control inspection software. Sources of Client Dissatisfaction Janitorial and other facility management companies work tirelessly to ensure that their customers’ buildings are kept neat and clean. Often, to convenience customers and not disrupt their work, […]

How to Prepare Yourself—and Your Business—for a Breakthrough

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Everywhere you look, it seems there’s a new overnight success story. Pixar’s first film, Toy Story, was a hit right off the bat. Since then, the company has released hit after hit and is a beacon of excellence in their industry. J.K. Rowling’s first novel started the Harry Potter series, which may be the most […]

Making the Most of Every Trade Show

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Every trade show brings something different to the table, but ultimately the goal of each show is generally the same: network and build relationships to make more money as a business. Because attendees and exhibitors typically have this end-game in mind, here are a few tips for making the most of every trade show you […]

How to Be Competitive in Sales on Any Budget

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Products and services have changed over time – some more than others – but the key to success in sales isn’t what you’re selling, it’s how you’re selling it. Based on what we’ve learned from Griffin-Hill‘s Integrity Sales System, we’ve used this sales process extensively. We’ve found great success with it, and recommend it to any and […]

How to Keep Your School (And Your Kids) Sickness-Free


For many, the beginning of the new school year is an exciting time.  New opportunities arise, and there are always chances for your kids to make new friends and be more “at home” in the classroom.  On the other side of the coin, however, come new opportunities for sickness. As a parent, there are VERY […]