Shelton, CT – June 22, 2010 – Service Management Group once again comes out ahead in the greater Tri-State area. SMG credits their success of winning a $6.2 million contract to excellent service, a professional team and their use of the CleanTelligent Software.

“We have been using CleanTelligent for a little over four years,” says Victor Carrasquillo, V.P. of Operations. “Customers who utilize our service understand and appreciate the service we provide. CleanTelligent adds another level of communication, professionalism, and customer service to our existing client base. New customers are immediately impressed upon our presentation of the CleanTelligent software. So far, eight out of the last eight presentations has resulted in new business. We attribute much of this success to CleanTelligent.”

CleanTelligent helps SMG offer a complete package to their clients – inspection, communication, scheduling, surveys, and easy access to information. “New clients understand that past issues from vendors such as, scheduling, communication, and follow-up is a thing of the past. With CleanTelligent, information is at our clients’ finger tips so they immediately know when issues are scheduled and addressed – and the clients love that!” says Victor Carrasquillo.

With millions of dollars invested into it, CleanTelligent is the perfect customer service and quality control system for companies in the cleaning industry. It provides incredible inspection, communication, and reporting tools which increase productivity, reduce costs, and help win new bids to maintain a competitive edge.

Service Management Group has been providing unrivaled janitorial and maintenance services to office buildings and corporate headquarters in the Northeast for more than 80 years. As one of the largest privately held facility providers in the Northeast they are committed to their customers and take pride in creating extra value to their clients by delivering the utmost quality and cost-effective services in the industry. For SMG this standard has truly paid off.

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