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Give confident pitches with our bidding and estimating software

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Not winning enough cleaning bids?

Increase revenue by securing new business and successfully retain existing clients with CleanTelligent’s janitorial bidding software.

Streamline the process

Take the difficulty and stress out of bidding and estimating by using our Proposal Wizard. Customize labor and other expenses, and adjust profit margins to suit your cleaning business.

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Discard Excel spreadsheets

Record information you gather about a prospect’s facilities by filling out detailed surveys. Once the survey is completed, the Proposal Wizard will help you calculate your proposal. You won’t have to waste time dealing with Excel anymore!

Avoid poor bidding

Don’t lose competitive bids by bidding too high or lose money by bidding too low. Our janitorial bidding software provides templates that make it easier for new users to get started. You can customize production rates and expenses to help you maximize your profits.

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Create impressive proposals

CleanTelligent merges the estimate into a professional presentation for you. Feature your company branding in a proposal that’s ready to be printed out and delivered to your prospects. Our janitorial bidding software makes you look good every time.

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