Busy Brooms

I am so excited to report our success in using CleanTelligent!

With CleanTelligent, we have been able to save 34 percent on labor costs, which equals to around $17,000 per year. With this savings alone, it easily pays for our use of CleanTelligent and increases our profit margin considerably. Now we have money to use in growing our business and giving raises to our employees.

Service Management Group

We won a $6.2 million contract due to our excellent service, a professional team, and our use of CleanTelligent Software. The software provides incredible inspection, communication, and reporting tools which increase our productivity, reduce costs, and help us win new bids.

Held’s Janitorial Services

CleanTelligent Software has had a tremendous impact on our organization. Thanks to the use of this internet-based software, we have been able to streamline our businesses and modernize our day-to-day operations.

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