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Anyone can start a cleaning company, but the real challenge is always portraying a brand that’s professional and cutting-edge to current and potential customers. Learn from Caden Hutchens, Vice President of CleanTelligent Software, what cleaning businesses and CleanTelligent can do to effectively promote a brand and stay ahead of the competition.

Employees who are more accountable for their work are more productive and satisfied on the job. Watch Bradley York, Director of Marketing at CleanTelligent Software, as he shares how best practices and CleanTelligent can motivate and engage employers and employees.

Cleaning inspections can help you track deficiencies and improve quality control. Watch Blake Sulski, CleanTelligent Software’s Sales Manager, teach how CleanTelligent’s mobile inspections app can strengthen relationships with your clients.

If a client has a problem, how good is your response time? Join our Support Manager, Courtland Driggs, as he demonstrates how CleanTelligent Software can help you be at your clients’ beck and call. Learn how CleanTelligent can help increase your reliability, and in turn your client retention.

Whether you’re trying to increase the accountability of your employees or looking to do more with less, CleanTelligent Software has a solution for you: Custom Reports. Join Sean Jackson, CleanTelligent’s Customer Support Manager, as he shows you how the Report Writer feature can help your cleaning business.

Join CleanTelligent’s Sales Manager, Blake Sulski, as he discusses new resolutions for 2016 and how to use your customers to help grow your business.

Learn how CleanTelligent’s mobile features and apps can help you beat out your competition in this free webinar by Jason Pyne, General Manager of CleanTelligent.

In this webinar by CleanTelligent President Michael Jenkins, you will learn how CleanTelligent Software can help create brand loyalty for your clients and, in turn, increase your client retention.

Join CleanTelligent’s Director of Sales and Marketing, Caden Hutchens, as he demonstrates how to use CleanTelligent’s reports to maintain and even grow your business.

Learn from Jason Pyne, General Manager of CleanTelligent Software, how to use CleanTelligent as a selling point for your company.

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Caden Hutchens
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