Tools to Improve Cleaning Efficiency

The lifeblood of a company is the workforce, but what allows a business to excel – not just survive – are new innovations.  These tools help the company to improve processes, so that “this is the best way to do it” becomes the mantra, instead of “this is the way we’ve always done it."

shutterstock_90231952Of course there are many innovations over the years that have allowed the janitorial industry to grow in leaps and bounds (relatively-speaking, of course).  If I really wanted to, I could probably dedicate about 10-15 separate blog posts to this topic.  Rather, I think I’ll focus most on one particular tool and innovation that has really made life easier for hundreds of building service contractors and facility managers in the past decade or so. (more…)

Spring Cleaning Tips

DCF 1.0Our “green cleaning” post from a couple weeks ago did mention a few environmentally-sound ways to clean your home and office.  Now that the bulk of us are finally enjoying spring weather on a regular basis, I think it relevant and important to share more tips that can make cleaning your workspace and home easier and more efficient.

So, without any further ado, here is a collection of simple and memorable tips that may come in handy for cleaners (professional and non-professional alike): (more…)

Training Tips to Increase Efficiency

Warehouse Manager and WorkerYou wouldn’t hand the keys over to a new CEO without giving them at least a basic idea of what his responsibilities are, would you?  The same thing goes for any and all positions, even those on the bottom rung of your organization.

Similarly, have you ever fallen into the trap of merely training a new employee immediately, then leave them to their tasks – including new ones assigned to them along the way – without any further instruction?

This is something that plagues many businesses in the janitorial industry, simply because many don’t know exactly how much – or how often – they need to train their employees.  Telling them “do this” or “don’t do that” is all well and good, but it doesn’t really empower your workforce to succeed in the long-term. (more…)

Green Cleaning Tips

Sometimes it may not feel this way outside, but now that we’re in April, the spring season is upon us.  I have had multiple mornings – even within the past week – where I wake up to find snow on the ground, then have to take off my coat midday because it’s 65 degrees outside.  It may not always be warm and sunny outside, but if you’re waiting for that then you’ll have to sit tight for another month or so.

modern office interiorNow that it’s spring, there’s undoubtedly one phrase that comes to mind for many of us: SPRING CLEANING.  I’m not here to give you tips on how to clean your facility, office or home – stay tuned, though, because that is definitely something I will cover soon – but I do want to share a few tips on what “green cleaning” is, and easy ways to do it on a regular basis.


Company Culture as a Competitive Advantage

Try as you might, it’s impossible to retain the exact same workforce for a long period of time – the janitorial industry is well aware of this, of course.  Because you may have to replace one or two employees every now and then, though, all it means is that company culture becomes that much more important.

I’d like to take the importance of company culture one step further. In an industry where not everyone will instantly recognize a company that’s a cut above the competition, you can and should use your company culture as a competitive advantage.  I’ve already discussed how to use company culture to attract young talent, so I want to talk here about how it can be competitive advantage in obtaining new clients – as well as retaining existing customers. (more…)