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Janitorial Management Lessons from Santa Claus

Janitorial Management Lessons from Santa Claus

Pour yourself a cup of hot chocolate and learn what Santa Claus can teach your janitorial management team about leadership this holiday season.

A successful cleaner in the janitorial/sanitation industry

Personal Success in the Janitorial/Sanitation Industry

Running a successful business in the janitorial/sanitation industry can bring you a feeling of personal success as well. But there are other ways your talents and skills can build a successful community, which will bring you a new level and feeling of personal success.

Sweep up your competition with excellent customer service

Sweep Up the Competition with Excellent Customer Service

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are a great way to gauge your customer service efforts, but data cannot drive your customer service program. Good customer service is a balance between making and keeping promises, following up, and looking for new ways to make the customer’s life easier.

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