Improving janitorial management through the use of technology

Haven’t embraced technology for your janitorial services? You’re missing out! Learn how janitorial management software can improve your company’s operations.

The cleaning industry has changed drastically over the past few years as the adoption of modern technology offers advanced ways of organization and operation. Many leading names in the industry are leveraging janitorial management systems to increase organization, ensure quality management, communicate more effectively, and set themselves apart from the competition. Sticking with the older methods, no matter how effective they seem, is a recipe for stagnation.

How Can Technology Help My Janitorial Service?

1. Selling Outcomes

When attracting new clients for your custodial staff, cleanliness isn’t the strongest selling point. While every organization knows that maintaining clean facilities is important, what they’re really interested in are the positive outcomes associated with a clean work environment.

For example, if you’re pitching to a school, you’re not just offering to clean bathrooms, vacuum carpets, and wax floors. What you’re really providing with your cleaning services is a healthier facility where teachers and students can focus on learning.

While verbally selling these outcomes is effective, technology offers methods for illustrating the benefits of having a dedicated cleaning service. Infographics, informative videos, and visual mediums can leverage important data to show potential customers how your services result in:

  • A healthier staff and customers
  • An improved environment
  • A steadier bottom line

2. Communicating with Clients

If your marketing strategies focused on selling outcomes, customers are going to expect the same in other areas of your janitorial operations. When faced with outdated systems of communication and interaction, customers will automatically associate your company with a lower quality of service.

With capable janitorial management software, you can effectively stay in touch with your clients without missing a beat. This seamless communication makes customers feel heard and can help establish a sense of trust and credibility. You’ll appreciate the amount of time it frees up for you to focus on other operational aspects of your services.

3. Managing Employees

Janitorial manager software is a great option for custodians with staff under their direction. While this technology can come in handy even if you’re operating a small team, it’s utility skyrockets when you’re managing an entire commercial service.

For example, digital inspection software gives you the power to record results, which allows you to determine your team's productivity, timeliness, and cleaning accuracy.

With a greater level of oversight, you can feel more confident about how your overall operation is running. This real-time information also makes it easier to make executive decisions with accuracy and confidence.

4. Quality Control

Establishing your business as a leading brand requires a focus on cleaning for health and quality control. Delivering that promise requires the management of moving parts. In other words, maintaining a high level of quality is all about staying organized.

Janitorial management software simplifies these quality control management processes by giving you a central hub to organize and oversee all variables involved in your operation.

If you’re ready to save on labor costs, decrease your workload, and improve your customer service, CleanTelligent is the number one janitorial software to help. For example, it can simplify the way you gather and communicate inspection results with employees and clients.

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