Business Intelligence
Make smarter decisions even faster

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Taking too much time to make decisions?

Receive actionable data right at your fingertips after you log in to our system. Our Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards will help you:

  • Increase productivity by viewing your most important inspections and work orders data up front
  • Make smarter, data-driven decisions for your business
  • Retain more clients and employees by finding problem areas more quickly

Laser-focused insights

Do you have to dig through pages of data to get the answers you’re looking for? Not anymore. Only the most critical insights about past inspections and work orders are featured and you can even filter for the dashboards you want to focus on.

Laser-focused insights

Stop poor quality

Quickly see which clients and service locations are getting the best and poorest quality of service. You will be empowered to know which accounts need most of your attention instead of being blindsided by a lost account.

Powerful capabilities

Drill down to learn additional information about clients, service locations, area scores, and more. Easily export dashboard information or individual reports to PDF format as well.

Laser-focused insights

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