Looking to get more from the software?

With custom branding options, transform CleanTelligent from a tool you use to a declaration of who you are.

Increase Customer Retention

Raise Employee Engagement

Protect Profit Margins

Create Repeat Customers

The easiest way to build customer trust is through direct communication between clients and employees. Use our various custom branding options to replace CleanTelligent's logo with your own. When your customers see your name instead, they will remember your brand's dedication to delivering a consistent clean with excellent customer service.

Use CleanTelligent's branding options to communicate directly with your customers.

Increase Visibility

CleanTelligent's custom branding options help increase customer retention by simplifying the customer experience. For instance, instead of logging in to the CleanTelligent Mobile App or website, your customers can go directly to your mobile app or website. Each of these branding options — available by request — will increase your company's visibility:

A branded mobile app is a personalized advertisement that the customer carries around in their pocket.
Create a seamless web interface for your employees and customers online.
Drive customer traffic to your website by adding the web app login on your website.
When you invest in our branding options, you create an internal culture of quality control.

Influence Company Culture

Branding isn't just an investment in your customers — it's an investment in your employees and company culture. When you replace CleanTelligent's brand with your own, you give your employees an opportunity to increase pride and ownership in their work, helping them improve their quality and reduce any errors.