Reports & Business Intelligence

Track and improve your team's performance
Use cleaning reports and Business Intelligence (BI) to track and improve your team's performance.

Failing to answer vital questions about your business?

CleanTelligent's Reports and Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards can help you review, plan and make the right changes to your team's service delivery.

Improve Service Delivery
Raise Employee Accountability
Increase Customer Retention

Data-Driven Cleaning

Quickly verify your company's average inspection and work order results by checking our easily accessible, ready-to-use BI dashboards. In a glance, your team will see which customers and service locations are receiving the best and worst service. Your team will then be able to prioritize actions based on employee and customer needs.

In a glance, your team can prioritize actions based on employee and customer needs.

Measure Team Performance

Review inspection and work order reports to get a granular sense of your team's overall performance. Compare your team's performance to your client's service contract. If there is a trending gap, use the data to set specific SMART goals.

Use cleaning software to gain insight to your team's inspection results.
Quickly see what jobs have been scheduled for your team.
The inspection summary report will help your team see their results by location area.
Use the second page of the inspection summary report to quickly spot problem areas.
Pull the quality inspection report to view any pictures and notes added to the inspection.

Manage Team Performance

After setting team performance goals, use CleanTelligent Software to:

Use CleanTelligent Software to communicate new service delivery instructions.

Communicate Goals

Use job scheduling to communicate specific goals or outcomes with your cleaners. In each task, add specific instructions like, "Based on the last three inspections, our vacuuming has failed. Please pay close attention to the edges of the room."

Use janitorial inspections to track your cleaners' progress.

Evaluate Improvement

Track your cleaners' progress through continued inspections. Encourage your inspectors to include photos and notes for both problem areas and improved work. It's a simple way to celebrate your cleaners' success.

Use CleanTelligent's reports and dashboard to decide your team's next steps.

Set Next Steps

Finally, use the summarized data in our reporting and BI dashboards to view the status of each issue. Based on the data, your team can decide if an issue has been resolved or if they need to continue pursuing the issue.

Update Clients

When you meet with current or prospective clients, feel confident in providing your cleaning performance history. If there is an issue, use the data to communicate your future action steps and prove you are improving. Sharing data is a great way to build a customer's trust!

Use our janitorial reports to show your clients how you are taking care of them.

Make Better Data-Driven Decisions

Learn how our reporting and business intelligence solutions can help you make the right decision for your company, your team, and your clients. Get started with CleanTelligent Software today.