Client Cleaning Surveys
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Need more feedback to improve your services?

Use our client cleaning surveys to provide an easier way for your service location visitors to contact you about your performance or a sudden issue. CleanTelligent mobile cleaning surveys make communication faster and simpler.
  • Access custom surveys with a mobile device by scanning a QR code
  • Track trends in the data gained from CleanTelligent surveys
  • Resolve cleaning problems right when they happen
  • Build better relationships with each unique client

Mobile surveys

Always stay up-to-date on the status of your cleaning efforts. Mobile surveys are a convenient way for visitors to anonymously inform you of issues at any time of day.

Use QR codes

Easily create, print out, and place QR codes in areas such as restrooms and hallways. Demonstrate that you are committed to open communication.

Respond more quickly

Anyone can scan your QR code with a mobile device, fill out an anonymous survey, and inform you of needed cleaning services. Address problems with impressive speed before they become bigger issues.

Know where to improve

Gather and review survey results to see the most repetitive problems in your service locations. You can then determine a plan of action with your employees to prevent future occurrences.

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Easily assign work

Once surveys are submitted, work orders are automatically generated in your system. Know what work needs to be done and complete it before clients bring it up to you.

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Client surveys

In addition to hearing anonymous feedback through mobile surveys, you can also receive responses directly from your clients.

Hear from customers

Create a custom survey for a particular client and send them an invite through CleanTelligent to complete it. Build trust by seeking their opinions and addressing their concerns.

Keep employees informed

Use client surveys to keep your employees aware of customer expectations. Your staff can be notified in real-time and provide more immediate results.

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