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Know the status of your performance

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Can’t answer vital questions about your business?

Use CleanTelligent cleaning report software to review your data on a regular basis so you can answer questions such as:
  • Where should I invest more of my resources?
  • Did my employees correct the issues discovered during inspections?
  • What type of messages are my customers sending most?
  • Who is the next customer I am in danger of losing?
  • Which services need to be done differently?

Be accurate and impressive

Get your hands on the data you need to make correct business decisions. When you meet with current or prospective clients, you can feel confident in proving your past history of cleaning performance. Show up prepared to impress.

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Overview and general notes

Oversee inspections results

Inspection reports give you the power to track the quality of service being provided at your buildings. Compare trends and address problems effectively. You can improve your understanding of how well client expectations are being met.

Know what’s been done

CleanTelligent’s work order reports allow you to determine what work was requested and verify that it’s been completed. You can even see task completion dates and times.

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Review scheduled work

Get an overview of what work is planned in the near future. Filter job schedule reports by location or by employee to drill down.

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