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With over 900,000 cleaning companies in the United States alone, the janitorial/sanitation industry is full of competition. For your company to survive, you have to know (and communicate!) what you offer that your competitors don’t. In this webinar by Bradley J. York, Director of Marketing at CleanTelligent Software, you will learn how you can help your business withstand the competition to survive and even thrive.

Finding and hiring good cleaners can be hard enough, but keeping them for longer periods of time proves to be the greater challenge. In this webinar by Randi Anderson, Senior Software Coach at CleanTelligent Software, you will learn four important factors for achieving higher employee retention.

Simply marketing your cleaning services to anyone and everyone is not going to cut it. You need to know the types of people your business should specifically target. Watch Adam Mears, Public Relations Specialist at CleanTelligent Software, teach three important steps that will help you clearly define your target market and grow your business.

It is vital for BSCs to put themselves through a serious self-evaluation to identify areas of weakness for themselves and their businesses — “Achilles’ heels,” you might call them. Learn from Blake Sulski, sales manager at CleanTelligent Software, how BSCs can find each “Achilles’ heel” as they consider efforts of the past year.

For a successful Thanksgiving meal, you need ALL of the right ingredients. The same principle applies to client interactions. Learn from Bradley J. York, director of marketing at CleanTelligent Software, about how to improve your client communication process.

Excited to go to ISSA/INTERCLEAN 2016 in Chicago? Whether it’s the first time or the twentieth time, BSCs and cleaning companies must do certain things before and during the show if they want amazing results.

Building service contractors and facility managers must utilize productivity methods that delight and motivate their workers.

The “slow time of the year” is different for each cleaning company. But when it hits, how can you keep gaining new business and increase profits?

It’s not good enough to have paying customers. You must do everything you can to foster clients who love your products or services and have a reason to stay with you.

How well do you understand your own processes? How effectively do they result in meeting the needs of your customers? Learn from Courtland Driggs, Director of Customer Experience at CleanTelligent Software, how to improve your business processes for day-to-day operations.

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