Hard Economic Times Create Shift in BSCs’ Target Market

The economic turmoil of the last couple years has affected BSCs in a number of ways, but CleanTelligent can help BSCs continue to thrive.

Building service contractors appear to be shifting their target market. This surprising fact became apparent after listening to a podcast by Dan Weltin with Contracting Profits. During these hard economic times, companies in general must modify their target audience to stay on their feet — BSCs are no different. He explained that during this time of economic hardship, BSCs are moving from the traditional office buildings to educational and medical facilities. This major jump is created by the scarcity of available jobs and loss of profits in the commercial office cleaning niche.

Educational and medical facilities pose an interesting challenge for building service contractors. Major factors in the cleaning process shift from the traditional overall appearance to disease and bacteria prevention. This movement also requires a change in staff training and equipment, which in turn produces an overhead cost to enter the market and a necessity to be able to monitor each step of the cleaning process. At times, when so much is determined by the quality of the cleaning, it becomes increasingly important to have a quality assurance software in place for supervisors to ensure that each procedure is being completed properly.

Since CleanTelligent started offering the #1 inspection software seven years ago, it has been providing an opportunity for owners and supervisors to monitor every step of the cleaning process. From the desktop of a computer, BSCs are able to establish which services will be provided in which areas of a building. Supervisors are also able to schedule which employee will be tasked with which jobs, thereby ensuring that the responsibility falls to an employee who has the skills necessary to complete the task as specified.

Adequate quality assurance software also provides a way for BSCs to maintain proper communication and keep customers calm during a pandemic situation. Proper communication and improved cleaning techniques before a crisis strikes is a key method to reduce damaging effects or avoid the crisis entirely. “Improving cleaning processes can prevent roughly one third of [hospital acquired] infections,” says Mr. Weltin. “In addition, BSCs can recommend touch free soap and towel dispensers to encourage hand washing and install hand sanitizer dispensers outside patient rooms and waiting areas.” These simple actions lead to a happier, healthier work environment, and in turn, happier clients.

The communication tool of mass messaging customers in CleanTelligent provides a valuable opportunity to control any disaster situation. When a customer knows that their service provider is aware of what is going on, they know that the problem will be taken care of. Whether the problem is a burnt out light bulb or a flood on the third floor, the response can be instantaneous with CleanTelligent in the palm of the contractor’s hand. From any mobile device with Internet capabilities, the contractor may access CleanTelligent and message customers to respond to work orders filed from a computer.

When a customer sees the effort their service provider is making to communicate and train employees, they feel comforted knowing that there are qualified personnel fulfilling their service needs. According to Mr. Weltin’s podcast, customers who contact the service provider for disinfecting needs will continue to bring down the rate of absenteeism due to illness. When the customer’s employees are healthy, they are more productive and more profitable. The bond of trust between service provider and customer must be established before a pandemic occurs. When the disaster strikes, it is too late to create the relationship of communication. With the right level of quality assurance and communication, all parties become more productive, more profitable and more sustainable.


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