New Year, New Resolutions

It’s that time of the year again. Take a look at a few resolutions we came up with to help your cleaning business start the new year on the right foot.

In a way, the start of a new year offers us a nice blank canvas, a chance to work on getting things right, a chance to do it better. The new year is a great time for cleaning businesses to take a closer look at their cleaning program, and to take small but necessary steps to make it better.

Here are a few resolutions we’ve come up with that can positively impact your business this year if you haven’t yet applied them:

  1. Go Green

    Green water droplet

    A popular New Year’s resolution every year is to become healthier. The same resolution can be applied to your business. You can help your cleaning company become “healthier” through the cleaning products you choose to use.

    Choosing to use environmentally conscious/friendly cleaning solutions and practices provides healthier facilities without the harsh, irritating chemicals that can often cause health issues for cleaners.

    Going green allows you to care for the environment while at the same time caring for your employees.

  2. Simplify

    The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to evaluate the way your company gets things done. Ask yourself, are there things you could change to make getting this done easier and faster?

    For example, if you aren’t using a janitorial software solution like CleanTelligent to track the areas where your business is performing well or not so well, you may want to start. Find a software that will provide you with quality data and the most for your money. The investment is worth the simplification.

  3. Create Positive Attitudes

    Thumbs up

    A great way to reduce stress and negativity this year is to have your employees focus on positive aspects of their work-life. Make a goal to touch base with each member of your team at least once every two weeks, or even once a week if you can, to ask them what’s going right instead of what’s going wrong.

  4. Focus on Problem Areas

    Last year your business may have struggled with certain areas at certain locations, like windows or cloudy/dirty exteriors at a school. Maybe you had a hard time with bathrooms at an office building that kept getting overlooked.

    Make sure to make those areas a priority this year. There are janitorial software programs like ours that can help you track those areas, take advantage and make sure to provide the attention needed.

  5. Take Cleaning Seriously

    Commercial cleaning can be harder than it looks. Make sure your team is trained to use the appropriate tools to provide your customers with the best service.

    School hallway with hardwood floor

    For example, many commercial facilities have a combination of hardwood, carpet, tiles and concrete flooring, which all have specialized cleaning requirements and special machinery to meet those requirements.

    Your team needs the proper training to use these tools because improper cleaning methods can not only result in inadequate cleaning, but can also damage floors, costing you more money. This applies to all other aspects of commercial cleaning.

Are you ready for 2018? We’re sure you and your team will have a successful year! Feel free to reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter and share any other resolutions cleaning companies could apply that have worked for you.

Start the year off right with CleanTelligent Software! We offer many solutions for cleaning business owners, such as our award-winning business intelligence dashboards. Learn more about our janitorial software on our solutions page!


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