Four Ways to Achieve a Work-Life Balance

Having fun is essential to work-life balance

There are many benefits to achieving a work-life balance. Find out why it’s important not only for yourself, but for your cleaning business as well.

Summer is in full swing! Ideally that would mean spending more time outdoors, enjoying the warm weather with friends and family. However, as an owner or manager of a cleaning business, those moments may not happen as often as you’d like or need them to.

It’s easy to make work your whole life when there’s a business to run and cleaning that always needs to get done, but keep in mind that finding a balance between your work and personal life is just as important. Here are a few reasons why a work-life balance is important and ways how it can help you and your cleaning business succeed.

Maintain Mental Health

Studies show that when you focus too much on work and not enough on other areas of your life, you run risks that could lead to a variety of issues, from stress-related illnesses to depression.

Try to eliminate the amount of work you take home

One common issue of overworking is known as burnout. This happens when immense pressure is put onto a person, which then leads to “chronic stress.” Psychology Today defined burnout as “a state of chronic stress that leads to physical and emotional exhaustion, cynicism, detachment and feelings of ineffectiveness and lack of accomplishment.”

This stress could be caused by a variety of things, from outrageous workloads (and no work-life balance) to simply not feeling valued for the hard work you do. To help avoid these risks, set a schedule to meet the hours you’re required to work, and stick to it! Try to decrease or eliminate the amount of work you take home.

Ensure Your Physical Health and Well-being

There’s an old saying that goes, “healthy body, healthy mind” — meaning that another great way to maintain your mental health is to make sure that you are feeling physically healthy as well. Being physically healthy includes regular exercise and a nutritious diet, but it also includes not overdoing it at work.

Overworking can not only lead to unneeded stress, but to other physical issues like high blood pressure and heart disease, both of which can affect your quality of life and the quality of work you produce.

Increase Your Productivity

Increase your productivity

Your employees and customers want managers and leaders who are hard-working and productive. Staying for unnecessarily long hours at work may make you feel like you’re contributing a lot to your business, however the quality of work is probably not as good, which makes the effort much less productive.

Studies also show that those who maintain a steady work-life balance are much happier and more productive than those who do not. A positive and happier way of life automatically leads to amazing results.

Focus on What Matters

A greater control of focus is gained when a balance between work and home is reached. Leaving your work at the office means you’ll be able to focus your full attention on your home life and giving your relationships the attention they deserve.

Focus on the big picture

When you spend time with your partner, children or friends, your mind should be solely focused on the moment and the experience you are having, rather than thinking of work. Likewise, if you are in the office, greater focus should be paid on the tasks at hand.

Achieving work-life balance is tough, but necessary. There are many benefits to finding a work-life balance. Your satisfaction with your personal life and your ability to meet personal commitments greatly affects your successes as a business owner or manager, which greatly benefits your cleaning business. A good work-life balance increases work satisfaction and helps you achieve career longevity.

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