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Accountability in the Workplace

Does your cleaning business have a system of accountability in place? Do you know what accountability entails? Find out with these tips.

Employee Training Tips

Company trainings are excellent opportunities to improve employee knowledge, productivity and morale. Use our tips in your upcoming trainings.

Social Media Tips

As you look for ways to expand your cleaning business and reach new customers, consider using social media. Learn how with our tips.

Green Cleaning Tips

With spring in full swing, it’s time for a bit of cleaning. To save money and prevent exposure to harsh chemicals, here are a few green cleaning tips.

Effective Sales Tips

Being a good salesperson means being friendly, sincere and yourself. Make the pitch yours and try to actually help those you’re selling to.

How to Win More Bids

What cleaning company wouldn’t want to win more bids? Learn how to do this, even if you’re not the biggest or most prestigious company.

How to Be Efficient in the Workplace

Being efficient at work requires effective time management, consolidating tasks, and proper multitasking. Learn more with these tips from CleanTelligent employees.

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