CleanTelligent is the most award-winning, comprehensive quality control and janitorial software solution on the market. When you are tired of using individual tools to run different parts of your business, it’s time to make the switch.

We find the reports containing the information collected during these inspections very helpful in tracking and addressing any deficiencies as a team… [CleanTelligent] has played a significant role in organizing and maintaining our team’s commitment to providing above-and-beyond customer service.

Heather FowlerServiceMaster Clean Contract Services (St. John’s)

Before [CleanTelligent], we managed customer work orders (both complaints and special requests) using Microsoft Outlook. It was cumbersome, and sometimes work orders slipped through the cracks… With [CleanTelligent], we save time and increase our analytical capabilities… This is a great diagnostic tool.

Tom WoodDominion Janitorial Services, Inc.

After a short three months of implementing it, CleanTelligent’s Bidding & Estimating module has helped us win $5,000 in new business already. With CleanTelligent… we have been able to save 34% on labor costs, which equals to around $17,000 per year. It easily pays for our use of CleanTelligent and increases our profit margin considerably.

Sandy MaritzPresidentBusy Brooms Commercial Cleaning

I don’t know how anyone could maintain professionalism while managing over a million square feet of office space without a system like CleanTelligent in place… I think that CleanTelligent is an incredible overall management tool.

Shaun JonesDale Rogers Training Center, Inc.

Our new program allows us to monitor buildings, equipment, quality, people and performance, thus making it easier for us to keep our clients happy, our people accountable, and our quality where it needs to be…I can say without any doubt, CleanTelligent has been a big help to our company.

Red DensmoreGoodwill Industries of Northern New England

We are able to schedule all work projects in CleanTelligent for over 150 grocery store locations. This turned a messy job into an easy click of a button. Scheduling helps us to stay completely organized as we track our progress and improve…Keeping people happy has never been easier.

George BrodnickiBrulin & Company, Inc.

When two of our major accounts were on the verge of not renewing their contract with us, we presented CleanTelligent to them. They have been thrilled with the [reports] during quarterly reviews… Knowing our weaknesses made it possible to improve our personnel and upgrade our technology to make us more competitive.

Audra Morehead Aetna Building Services

In our experience… big-name prospects make it apparent that they are not only buying into a person, but they are buying into the preparation and the follow-through that CleanTelligent Software can give us.

Scott PedersenWorld Cleaning Services

We were in competition for a contract… CleanTelligent helped us win this contract by not only showing how we can present the quality of work that we do, but also how it allows customers to interact with our quality control management. We won this contract because of CleanTelligent.

Brendan RyanContracts ManagerGoodwill Industries of Lower South Carolina

CleanTelligent offers tremendous value to the contractor both internally as an organization and allowing them to more effectively manage their business… [it is] an excellent tool that helps foster improved collaboration and visibility over service trends with the client.

John GarrettFacilities Management Advisors, LLC