Looking to build customer trust?

Strengthen your customer relationship by collecting and acting on feedback from customer surveys.

Improve Service Delivery

Increase Sales

Increase Customer Retention

Direct Communication

Use a combination of mobile and direct customer surveys to show your clients your commitment to a consistent clean by opening direct communication. As you receive feedback, build your clients' trust by making improvements based on their suggestions.

Build your client's trust by making service delivery improvements based on their feedback.

Mobile Surveys

Easily generate, print and post QR codes in any area you are responsible for. Any guest using that space can quickly scan the QR code and fill out the survey anonymously. Using this data, your team can:

Post QR codes in the areas you service.
Use the survey results to identify recurring problems at each service location.
Use the data collected to identify additional sales opportunities.

Customer Surveys

Create a customer survey for each client and send them an invitation through CleanTelligent Software. Your team can use customer surveys to:

Use customer surveys to start a dialog with hard-to-reach customers.
Share the client cleaning survey results with your employees.