CleanTelligent Software Solutions


As your clients and building patrons notice fewer cleaning errors—their trust in your team grows. Our mobile app makes it easy to report and correct one-off cleaning errors. But maintenance software should help you create a culture of quality control.

This is why our janitorial solutions will analyze every inspection report and calculate cleaning trends. You can use that data to identify the cause and then implement the right corrective action.

Work Orders

Instead of stressing over the flow of communication between your clients, facility patrons, and employees, simplify it. Our computerized maintenance management system (CMMS software) makes it easy to keep everyone in the loop.

As clients make requests and as cleaners complete them, our building management software will update everyone in real-time. When everyone has direct access to the information they need, it makes proving contract fulfillment a breeze.

Job Scheduling

It’s no secret that employee downtime and overtime costs are expensive. When periodic cleanings sneak up on your team it is hard, if not impossible to get all of the equipment, employees, and quiet hours in the facility to do the work.

Instead of delivering services late, use our commercial cleaning business software to schedule and effectively manage these tasks ahead of time. As you set your in-house or contracted cleaning company up for success, you will be able to decrease labor costs.

Mobile Surveys

Building maintenance research shows a direct correlation between a clean facility and a company's profits. If your janitorial team wants to increase its perceived value, improve the organization's customer service capabilities.

With CleanTelligent's janitorial solutions, any visitor can directly report sanitation issues to your team with their mobile device. As on-site customer experiences improve, so does your ability to protect and even increase your team's project budget.

Reports and Business Intelligence

Instead of relying on your “gut” to make decisions, use our building management software to track and graphically summarize your performance. As you spot positive and negative cleaning trends, you can click on the graph to easily reveal the source data.

Use this data to plan, implement, and confirm that these changes are positively affecting your cleaning services. As you continue this process, not only will your overall service delivery improve but it will also raise your employee accountability.

Simplify Your Work

Ready to get started? Discover how CleanTelligent can simplify your work, life, and quality control management processes.