Are periodic cleanings surprising your team?

Set your team up for success by scheduling janitorial services and tasks ahead of time.

Prove Contract Fulfillment

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Save Labor Costs

Schedule Services Once

Use a variety of customizable frequencies to assign all tasks, enabling your team to schedule all the new customer's cleanings as soon as the contract lands and showcasing your team's ability to fulfill contract requirements before the work starts.

As soon as your team wins a new contract, schedule the client's cleaning services.
Automatically send appointment reminders to your employees and your customers.

Confirm Appointments

As cleanings come due, CleanTelligent will help your team mitigate scheduling conflicts by emailing appointment reminders to your clients. If there is a time conflict, finding out early will help your managers shuffle work around, reducing your team's downtime.

Increase Efficiency

CleanTelligent will automatically turn each scheduled task into a work order, giving cleaners time to arrange for special equipment. Your team will have everything they need as soon as they arrive, increasing their productivity and efficiency on-site.

As cleanings come due, CleanTelligent will turn your scheduled work into a work order.

Would CleanTelligent's Reports and BI help your business processes?

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