Use Job Scheduling Software to Decrease Labor Costs

With 90 percent of your team’s cleaning budget tied to employee labor—your budget can't absorb the downtime and overtime costs associated with unconfirmed periodic cleanings. Our job scheduling solution automates the process making it easy for your cleaning service to save labor costs, prove contract fulfillment, and increase efficiency.
Use our janitorial service scheduling software to calendar all of your cleanings. As work comes due, our software will send your team reminders so that you can save on labor costs and prove contract fulfillment.

CleanTelligent’s Janitorial Service Scheduling Software Helps Your Team Stay on Top of Periodic Cleanings by Giving You the Freedom To:

Customize Frequencies to Schedule Recurring Tasks

Automatically Turn Scheduled Cleanings Into Work Orders

Automate Email Reminders to Customers

Create a Calendar Your Clients Can View

Tailor Your List of Frequently Scheduled Items

Color Coordinate Jobs Based on Their Frequency

Schedule Services Once

Specialty cleaning projects require specific employee knowledge, equipment, and could limit facility usage. If your service business is using a standard calendar, it is too easy for these assignments to sneak up on you. As you correct the situation, you may worry about the impact it will have on your project's budget.

Our software solution offers a variety of customizable frequencies so that you can schedule the service and a pre-task reminder. The workload automation will give you the notice you need to organize everything before the actual due date. With the contract's requirements filled, you will see a reduction in stress and last-minute expenses.

As soon as your team wins a new contract, use our scheduling software's customizable frequencies to schedule the client's cleaning services. This best practice will help you set your team up for success.
A few days before a scheduled tasks come due, CleanTelligent Software will convert calendared tasks into work orders. The advance notice will help service team members confirm that they have the correct supplies to do the job.

Encourage Professional Development

Imagine a world where shift leads and their team members have prior notice of the work they were going to perform. The additional time gives facility managers and cleaning business owners the opportunity to delegate preparatory tasks like:

  • Verifying the supply inventory
  • Reserving the required equipment
  • Training new employees

To make this possible, our janitorial service scheduling software will automatically send the scheduled task to the digital work order inbox. From the field, service teams can see which tasks have come due and make the required arrangements from our mobile app. The responsibility transfer will help your frontline team develop additional skills and ultimately reduce your labor costs.

Upgrade Your Team’s Customer Service

As periodic cleanings come due, cleaning business and in-house providers must confirm appointments. After all, each last-minute cancelation represents a loss in revenue and employee productivity. This is why our job scheduling software gives project stakeholders the ability to view all scheduled cleanings in a calendar.

Additionally, as cleanings come due, CleanTelligent will email appointment reminders to your clients and other key building patrons. The goal—encourage service teams to call and confirm appointments. A good customer service practice that helps managers protect the team's project budget.

As frontline cleaners gather supplies, your managers need to take the time to confirm periodic cleanings with your customers and stakeholders.
As you create schedules for other service locations, you can tailor your list of frequently scheduled tasks and descriptions. As events come due, your cleaners will receive consistent instructions for that task—making it easy to hold cleaners to a consistent cleaning standard.

Increase Efficiency

As your team creates a culture of quality control, managers realize the importance of providing consistent instruction. This way, when cleaners work through the assigned task, they can reference the directions. However, some job scheduling solutions require managers to manually add the same task description to each scheduled service.

Instead, our service software gives your team the power to:

  • Tailor your list of frequently scheduled tasks
  • Include detailed descriptions for each scheduled task
  • Color coordinate jobs based on their recurring frequency

The added details will help your team manage multiple schedules and hold new and experienced staff accountable for quality standards. As your janitorial business harnesses the event-driven efficiency, you will see a decrease in labor costs.

No More Slipping Through the Cracks

Discover how our software automates the job schedule process so work does not slip through the cracks. Get started with CleanTelligent today.