Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools Save Labor Costs

The cycle of flagging and fixing one-off cleaning errors may keep building patrons happy. But, it is not a long-term strategy to improve your team or company performance. Our Business Intelligence (BI) software gives you the data you need to step out of the cycle. Allowing you to improve service delivery, raise employee accountability, and build trust.
Use our Business Intelligence (BI) and Reporting tools to track and improve your team's performance.

CleanTelligent’s Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools Helps Your Team Improve Service Delivery by Giving Your Team the Ability To:

Automatically Compile Data From Other Modules

Use Analytic Tools to Summarize Cleaning Trends

Monitor Overall Team Performance With One-Click

Use Responsive Dashlets to Evaluate and Solve Problems

Build Custom Dashboards and Reports

Easily Export and Share Performance Data

When your team uses our Business Intelligence platform, you will be able to prioritize work from your top and bottom service locations—in a single glance.

Hire CleanTelligent as Your Data Analyst

Think about the number of inspections, work orders, periodic cleanings, and satisfaction surveys your team collects for each service location. If you are waiting for a team member to sort through big data analytics, you will miss a lot of opportunities.

But, when you use CleanTelligent’s solutions, our software reporter tools automatically summarize your data. At a glance, your team will see which service locations are receiving the best and worst service. Now you will be able to prioritize action.

Evaluate Team Performance

Maintenance managers rely on our Business Intelligence tools to plan and implement strategies to improve company performance. Here’s how CleanTelligent’s data analytics can help your cleaning service:

Use CleanTelligent Software to identify good, bad, and ugly cleaning service trends.

Instantly Spot Trends

In one click, our Business Intelligence platform will graphically summarize your team’s performance from the last six months. Use these analytics to determine if your team’s inspection and work order results are in an acceptable range. Identifying positive and negative trends allow you to adjust your team’s service so that clients and building patrons benefit.

As your team opens and closes work orders, completes inspections, and responds to mobile surveys, managers can track progress through our Business Intelligence tools.

Investigate Causes

If your team is going to correct or replicate the trend, you need to understand why it is happening. Our analytics platform makes it easy to toggle between your team’s overall performance trends and the source data. This process gives your team the power to turn the data into actionable insights—helping you make better business decisions.

As your team makes changes to their service delivery, you must confirm that the changes are showing up in the data the way you thought you would.

Monitor Corrective Action

As you implement changes to your team’s process, our business analytics solution gives you the freedom to create reports based on your own data analysis. This helps you see how well employees are adapting to the process updates. You can then return to the original control charts to make sure your changes impacted service delivery as you expected.

Once your team is satisfied with the results, you can use the BI tools to identify another performance trend you want to analyze and improve.

Update Clients and Stakeholders

When you meet with clients or internal stakeholders, use our software reporter tools to save, compile, and share your team's performance history. Now, you can reinvest your time into analyzing and improving your team's workflow. As you use the reporting data to communicate your team's next steps during the meeting, your audience will see a proactive janitorial team—an excellent way to build trust.

The inspection summary report will help your team see their results by location area and help you show off your team's great work!
Use the second page of the inspection summary report to quickly spot one-off cleaning errors.
 Pull the quality inspection report to view any pictures and notes added to the inspection.
Quickly see what jobs have been scheduled for your team.
Pull the quality inspection report to view any pictures and notes added to the inspection.

Make Better Data-Driven Decisions

Learn how our Reporting and Business Intelligence solutions can help you make the right decision for your company, your team, and your clients. Get started with CleanTelligent Software today.