Increase Customer Satisfaction With Janitorial Software

If you are like the average building service contractor, you know how hard it is to grow your business while losing 25-35 percent of your cleaning contracts every year. Our software solutions help your team deliver and communicate your cleaning standards to your employees and customers. The results will impact your revenue by increasing your ability to retain customers, win new business, and reduce operational costs.
It's time to learn how janitorial quality control software can help you retain customers, win new business, and reduce operational costs.

CleanTelligent Software Helps All Types of Business Service Contractors Simplify Janitorial Quality Control ProgramsTo Ensure Customer Satisfaction In the Following Areas:

If you want to avoid unhappy customers, use janitorial software to help your team deliver a consistently clean facility.

Deliver a Consistent Clean

Acquiring a new customer can cost between five and 25 times more than retaining an existing customer. Instead of trying to make up lost revenue by selling new contracts— develop processes to retain your customers. The key, create procedures to help your team consistently deliver the cleaning standards you promised.

Our janitorial quality control inspection software makes it easy to monitor, photograph, and document your team’s cleaning history. The process helps you hold employees accountable and quickly correct cleaning deficiencies. The increase in accountability will increase your customer's satisfaction and lifetime revenue.

Streamline Communication

When a service request is made, the customer expects that you will confirm that it has been received, when it is processed, and finally when it is completed. Although this process is good customer service, it can be time-consuming. The manual flow of communication between your employees and clients is costing your business valuable time.

Fortunately, you can customize the way our work order and job scheduling solutions automate the flow of communication inside and outside your organization. This gives you the freedom to reinvest your time into other important projects, like measuring customer satisfaction.

Good customer service doesn't have to cost you a lot of time when you can automate the flow of communication.
Make it easy for building patrons to report messes to your front-line team so that messes don't linger.

Protect Your Company’s Revenue

It is easy to confuse a lack of negative feedback as customer satisfaction. However, 96 percent of unhappy building patrons leave without ever voicing a complaint. Today, 64 percent of consumers choose to do business with companies that maintain their restrooms. The bottom line, lingering messes—impact your customer’s revenue and hurt your team’s ability to retain their business.

CleanTelligent makes it easy to generate unique QR codes for every area you care for. Now instead of unknowingly letting messes fester, building patrons can scan the code and fill out the customer satisfaction survey. Once submitted, the software will send the results to your front-line team as a work order. This is the perfect way to deal with messes that happen in between cleanings.

Build Customer Trust

If you reduce customer churn by 5 percent—you can increase profitability by 25 to 95 percent. As a building service contractor, transparent communication that includes performance metrics is essential to earning your customer’s trust.

As your team simplifies workflow communication, CleanTelligent analyses your performance. Results will automatically display in our Reporting and Business Intelligence dashboards. If there is an issue, use the data to communicate your future action steps and show improvement.

CleanTelligent Software makes it easy to use janitorial performance data to earn your customer's trust.
With custom branding options your customer can log into your web portal or access the software through your own app.

Increase Visibility

To increase your existing customer loyalty, you must keep your products and services in front of your customers. CleanTelligent Software’s custom branding options help increase your customer retention by simplifying your customer’s experience.

For instance, instead of logging in to the CleanTelligent Mobile App or website, your customers can go directly to your mobile app or website. Your own branding will help your customers associate you with your dedication to janitorial quality control.

Win New Business

As your business retains more customers through janitorial quality control, invite your loyal customers to help you grow your business by inviting them to:

  • Participate in a word of mouth referral program.
  • Post a positive review on social media.
  • Expand their existing cleaning contract.

During a bid presentation, use the data you have logged for other clients to prove your team’s dedication and attention to a consistent clean. All of these activities will help your team create a reputation of quality service. As the reputation precedes your sales team, your team will able to close more contracts.

As your janitorial team delivers a consistently clean, ask your customers to give you a social media or Google review.

Here’s What Our Customers are Saying

“The ease of access and use has been amazing, it’s easy for us to train our management and supervisory teams no matter their skill level. Allowing us to efficiently manage our customer’s needs.”
-Ashley P.
“We have always received good value for our money with CleanTelligent. It is easy for our crews and our customers to use."
- Denise P.
“CleanTelligent has allowed me to be more proficient in my role as a manager. The ability to track work orders and have an ongoing compiled record for each job we do at each account has been invaluable.”
- Gabe D.

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