Looking to increase student attendance and performance?

Let CleanTelligent automate your quality control program so your students can focus on learning.

Increase Student Attendance
Improve Student Performance
Elevate the Community

Cleaning for Student Wellness

Poorly cleaned and maintained schools see greater student and teacher absentee rates. CleanTelligent Software helps your custodial team manage your school’s physical environment so that your students and teachers can stay in school and focus on learning. With CleanTelligent, you can:

Strategically Plan Workload

While school is in session, students are spreading germs like wildfire. It’s all your team can do to keep pace with your school’s sanitation needs. Long holiday breaks are your opportunity to get ahead of germs. Strategically plan your team’s workload around school events and holidays, with our work order and job scheduling solutions.

Create a Safe Environment

Use inspections to measure your custodial team’s performance, identify your school’s worst bacteria hot spots, and keep an eye on potential maintenance issues. A regular inspection schedule will help your team create a consistent environment that is conducive to learning and teaching. Who knows? Maybe your students won’t want to go home after school!

Quickly Solve Problems

As a college, school district or individual school, your team can use the trends gathered in the Business Intelligence dashboards to make a variety of discoveries and decisions. In addition to strategically adapting your custodians’ workload, you might also find out why the same toilet is clogged at the same time every day.

Building the Community

As your team delivers a consistent clean, they will help students and teachers return to a safe and familiar environment every day where they can remain focused on learning. As grades go up, these students graduate and in return, continue to build the community.

Improve Your School Facility Operations

Discover how CleanTelligent Software can help improve your team member's ability to maintain and clean your schools.