Looking to scale your cleaning or maintenance franchise?

Let CleanTelligent help you protect your brand’s reputation by making it easy to scale your quality control program.

Protect Brand Quality
Unify Customer Experience
Manage Accounts Nationwide

Grow Your Franchise

Having the right processes in place makes it easier to recruit the right franchisee owners and attract the right accounts nationwide. CleanTelligent Software helps you simplify the quality control process so that your organization can create a uniform customer experience. With CleanTelligent, you can:

Scale Quality
Control Processes

The toughest challenge facing new franchisees is replicating the best practices required to deliver a consistent clean and excellent customer service. Our software helps teams automate communication around work orders, inspection results, customer survey follow up, and scheduled tasks to any combination of employees and customers. With your brand’s reputation protected, home offices can reinvest their time and energy into recruiting the right franchisee owners.

Recruit the
Right People

In an industry where your ability to win national accounts is based on each franchisee’s ability to deliver a consistent clean, you must find people you can trust to make good, data-driven cleaning decisions. Our combination of ready-to-use and customizable dashboards make it easy explain your processes and expectations to potential franchisee owners. Such an honest discussion will help recruits decide if they are the right long-term fit for your organization.

Consistent Service

CleanTelligent’s custom branding options help your franchise increase customer retention by simplifying your customers’ experience. For instance, instead of logging in to the CleanTelligent Mobile App or website, your customers can go directly to your mobile app or website. The simplified branding across all franchisees will help your teams deliver consistent customer service and help your customers associate your efforts with your dedication to quality control.

Win and Manage
Large Accounts

Vying for new nationwide accounts? Use the data each franchisee has logged for other clients to prove your franchise’s ability to handle quality control on a large scale. Once the deal is won, home office staff can easily assign local and regional locations to the appropriate franchisees, so nothing will fall through the cracks.

Grow Your Franchise

Discover how CleanTelligent Software can help prove your ability to handle quality control on a large scale.