Looking to elevate existing communities and shape future ones?

Let CleanTelligent automate your facilities’ quality control needs so public servants can make the right decisions for your country.

Maintain Public Health and Safety
Elevate the Community
Shape the Country’s Future

Department of ‘Germ’ Defense

Protecting a community and country requires a lot of people working together toward a common goal. CleanTelligent Software helps you manage your physical surroundings so public servants can tackle the biggest problems facing your community. With CleanTelligent Software, you can:

Cut through
Red Tape

Whether you have an in-house or contracted janitorial team, it is important that civil servants and any public visitors can easily report problems within the facility. Our software can distribute the following reports to the appropriate authorities

Now your janitorial team can focus on working to maintain the public’s health and safety.

the Public

In addition to establishing a consistent clean in your own facility, your team can use our inspection solution to evaluate the health and safety of every facility in your area. If an inspector finds a pressing health or safety concern, our software makes it easy to report in real-time. If you’re looking to create additional pride in your government agency, use one of our branding options to keep your seal and motto at the top of your inspectors’ minds.

Create a
Safer Tomorrow

If you are using our platform to manage your own facility or monitor the public’s health and safety in other locations, be sure to check out our Reporting and Business Intelligence solution. Results are summarized in ready-to-use dashboards, making it easy to examine historical data. If you would like the flexibility to create your own metrics, check out Visualizer.

Your Community

Delivering a consistent clean in a secure or public facility helps public servants stay focused on finding resolutions to the challenges facing the community. As solutions are put into place at local and national levels, your maintenance and cleaning efforts play a huge part in creating tomorrow’s communities.

Take Control of Your Quality

Discover how CleanTelligent Software can help safeguard the public's health and safety in order to protect your community.