Looking to protect your patients from Hospital-Associated Infections (HAIs)?

CleanTelligent will help your team fight against HAIs by streamlining your quality control program.

Reduce the Rate of HAI
Ease Patient Recovery
Decrease Health
Care Cost

Infection Control and Prevention

In the health care industry, providing a consistent clean can mean the difference between life and death for a facility’s employees, patients, and visitors. CleanTelligent Software helps you manage your quality control program so every facility can promote health and wellness. With CleanTelligent, you can:

Efficiently Fight Surface Germs

For optimal infection control, cleaners must be aware of potential pathogens and any specialty surfaces in the exposed area. Knowing these factors beforehand will help cleaners arrive with the right equipment, chemicals and experience to effectively clean, sanitize and disinfect. Help your medical staff and patrons communicate with cleaning staff through work orders, job schedules and mobile surveys.

Patient Safety

When you record the results of your inspection, CleanTelligent will automate the communication to fix any deficiencies. Over time, you can monitor your team’s cleaning performance and facility usage with Reporting and Business Intelligence dashboards. When the time comes, easily export your data and show administrators that your cleaning staff is indispensable to your health care facility.

Invest in
Employee Success

When you invest in our custom branding options, you transform CleanTelligent Software from a tool you use to track cleaning accuracy into a team mission. With your team unified in the fight against dirt and pathogens, your team and administrators will see and feel the impact of your work within your facility.

Decrease Health
Care Costs

As your team delivers a consistent clean, there will be fewer surface germs and therefore fewer infections for employees, patients and their families to pick up and spread throughout the hospital. As the rate of HAIs decreases, administrators will see a proportional decrease in patient treatment costs.

A Stronger Quality Control Program

Discover how CleanTelligent Software can help your internal team protect your patients and help you improve response time.