What can a strong quality control program do for your property management company?

Use CleanTelligent to manage your quality control program so you can focus on growing your community.

Preserve Property Values
Increase Tenant Occupancy
Decrease Maintenance Costs

Simplify Property Maintenance

Whether you manage a residential or commercial space, you are offering tenants the chance to be part of a community. A community with a strong cleaning and maintenance quality control program has an easier time reducing rental vacancies and decreasing maintenance costs. CleanTelligent can help you:

Tenants Happy

According to the World Health Organization, most building occupants’ complaints are rooted in poor maintenance programs.* This means keeping your current tenants could be as easy as updating your maintenance program. Our work orders and job scheduling solutions make it easy to balance your team’s workload between preventive maintenance and tenant requests.

Quickly Flip
Empty Units

When a unit becomes vacant, time is of the essence. The sooner repairs are made, the sooner you can show off and lease the space. As soon as the unit is vacated, use our software to perform a quick but thorough digital inspection. Once the inspection is completed, your team will have a list of all the remaining tasks needed in order to show the space.

Raise Employee Accountability

Our ready-to-use Reports and Business Intelligence dashboards make it easy to track your team’s progress and the wear and tear on the appliances in each unit. With a variety of key performance indicators (KPIs) to choose from, your team can decide what metrics matter most to your team.

Safeguard Property Values

No one wants to live, work or shop in a poorly maintained building. If you have an awesome team maintaining your properties, it is okay to brag. After all, a strong quality control program not only allows you to maintain your properties’ values and rental rates, it also shows your willingness to grow and sustain your community.

Simplify Your Property Maintenance Program

Discover how CleanTelligent Software can help your maintenance staff build a stronger community based on trust.