Looking to improve your reputation as a landscaper?

Use CleanTelligent to manage your landscaping team’s quality control program so you can win new business.

Win New Landscaping Business
Manage Client Expectations
Protect Profit Margins

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Managing and maintaining a landscaping business focused on quality is challenging. Why? Because even after your team does the work perfectly, all it takes is one storm to mess it up. CleanTelligent Software helps you simplify your quality control program, manage client expectations and prioritize tasks. With CleanTelligent, you can:

Streamline Communication

In a status update–driven world, keeping your employees and clients informed is just as important as delivering a consistent service. Our software helps your team automate tactical communication like work order information, inspection details and scheduled tasks to any combination of employees and customers. Now you can reinvest your time and energy into growing and running your landscaping business.

Build Customer Trust

As your team simplifies your workflow communication, CleanTelligent analyzes your performance. Use the summarized results in the Reporting and Business Intelligence dashboards to brainstorm solutions with your team. With an action plan in mind, communicate the problem and a few viable options with your client. They will appreciate the consideration and the freedom to choose the right solution for them.


Show off your dedication to establishing a strong quality control program by simplifying your customer’s experience with our custom branding options. For instance, instead of logging into the CleanTelligent Mobile App or website, your customers can go directly to your mobile app or website. By simply removing our name from the software, it is now easier than ever to take all the credit for your quality control program. We promise not to tell!

Win New Business

What happens when your landscaping team focuses on delivering a consistent ‘green?’ Your reputation and history of quality service precede your sales team, leading to increased referral business and expansion of existing contracts. Even if you land a bid through another marketing channel, use the data you have logged for other clients to prove your team’s dedication and professionalism.

The Grass is Greener with Quality Control

Discover how CleanTelligent Software can help you earn your customer's trust and help generate more referral business.