How to Keep Your Cleaning Business on the “Nice List”

If you want to stay on Santa’s “nice list,” your cleaning business must follow these 15 guidelines, such as using quality janitorial inspection software.

Phew! You did it.

You made it through 2016 and learned valuable lessons for yourself and your cleaning business.

During the month of December in North America, the tale of Santa Claus is celebrated. According to the myth, the names of “good” children are written down on Santa’s “nice list” and these children receive what they want for Christmas.

Since Christmas is only a few days away, there are questions you need to ask yourself as a BSC: Am I on the “nice” list or not? How can I tell?

As we looked back on this past year, we wanted to share the 15 most important points from all of our 2016 blog posts. If you follow these points, you and your cleaning business will stay on Santa’s “nice list” and you will more likely receive the success you’ve wished for all year:

    Track data
  1. Track data for your cleaning business, such as employee performance rates.
  2. Have an updated business website with a clean format and updated content.
  3. Gain millennial customers by using technology like quality inspection software.
  4. Give customers the ability to solve their own customer service issues.
  5. Impress potential clients by certifying your cleaning employees.
  6. Increase customer loyalty with personalized gifts.
  7. Survive slow business periods by using social media to build relationships.
  8. Don’t become complacent with business decisions but take calculated risks.
  9. Improve your cleaning inspections by keeping an eye on long-term results.
  10. Solve quality control mistakes through regular employee reviews.
  11. Eliminate the cost of paper trails and use mobile work orders.
  12. Know your cleaning company competition and learn from their strengths.
  13. Streamline accounting processes by enlisting the help of a professional CPA.
  14. Apply lessons from failure and don’t blame outside causes.
  15. Send out client surveys. Keep them short and simple.
Mobile work orders

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