Trade Show Preparation Tips
by Andrew Lord

Learn how to make the most out of trade shows from the experts with CleanTelligent's trade show preparation tips.

The Top 7 Things Your Website May Be Missing
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The performance of your company website is more important than you might realize. Keep an eye on things such as keywords and links.

How to Prevent Distractions from Halting Productivity
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Technology can distract employees, even though they can perform tasks with cleaning software. Learn how to handle it with our four tips.

Powerful Janitorial Management Techniques to Improve Efficiency
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Employees are only as productive and efficient as their manager, especially in the world of janitorial management. Learn how to improve employee efficiency.

The Importance of Customer Interaction
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While janitorial inspections may be essential to the success of your company, so are your personal interactions with your customers.

Tips for Daily Success
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The Benefits of a Solid Mission Statement and Vision
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Overcoming Obstacles to Using New Technology
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Despite the challenges of adopting new technology, such as cleaning software, business stand to gain with sufficient investment and training.

Green Cleaning Certifications and Standards
by Andrew Lord

Are you keeping up with the latest industry developments? Learn more about the two main green cleaning certifications, CIMS and LEED.