Spring Has Sprung, What Does That Mean for Your Routine?

We are officially a month into spring! You may find yourself asking, what’s that strange buzzing noise that wasn’t here a few weeks ago? That my friends, is the sound of pests that may potentially cause harm to your overall facility management if you don’t factor them onto your spring cleaning checklist.

What are the four ways to eliminate pests from your building?

We break down how you can avoid spring bugs and the harmful effects of pests.


Use these methods to catch a pest before it becomes a problem

Hands-on spring cleaning is the most effective way to make sure your team is eliminating the threat of pests.

How do you take on these bugs during spring? Make sure your team is tightly securing lids when they dispose of garbage so that bugs can’t get in. Another method is triple checking your facility to assure there are no trace amounts of food or water that bugs can cling to. Lastly, have your team work to reduce clutter in areas where pests can hide and multiply.

Chemical Solutions

Using chemicals can be an effective way to deter pests

An effective tool to use for facility management in the spring time can be insecticides, but these can be one of the leading dangers of pest control adding potentially harmful chemicals to facilities.

Overall, insecticides are seen as a fruitful source of pest control maintenance to help eliminate bugs in the spring. That is because they are made of chemicals like ovicides and larvicides that can prevent insect eggs and larvae from forming. You can find specific insecticides to target certain pests prone to each facility.

Natural Remedies

If you’re looking for a less harmful product to use against spring bugs, we’d recommend checking out your local grocery store and adding the following to your spring cleaning checklist. Salt, vinegar and even lemon or lime juice can be considered an effective ingredient for pest control.

Salt can be a strong deterrent for ants

Salt can cure a spring ant invasion. All you have to do is sprinkle trace amounts around doors and windows to prevent ants from coming into the building

Vinegar is also helpful against ants and fruit flies. It’s smell alone repels and deters the pests. That’s also a good reason as to why you should use it wisely.

Lemon or lime juice is a must-have tool to add to your arsenal depending on your climate. The citrus elements deter spiders, ants and snails.

Seasonal Pests to Consider

We’ve compiled a seasonal pest list to be aware of as you modify your facility management process for effective spring cleaning. You can use the methods listed above to eliminate these spring and summertime bugs.

Seasonal bugs that swarm in the spring and summertime bugs to be prepared for

  • Ant- infestation in hot weathe
  • Fruit flies- attracted to moist environments
  • Spiders- attracted to damp areas
  • Termites- damp or dry wood
  • Roaches- garbage or left out food
  • Mosquitoes- damp environments

Save this list as you take on those spring bugs and move into summer to stay on top of your game as the seasons change. It’s important to remember every facility is different and has different preferences, you should always check with the facility first before implementing any of these seasonal pest control measures.

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