4 Ways Technology Can Help With Janitorial Management
by CleanTelligent Software

Haven’t embraced technology for your janitorial services? You’re missing out! Learn how janitorial management software can improve your company’s operations.

Coaching and Mentoring In the Cleaning Sector
by Jane Wilson

Through a wide variety of mentorship and professional development programs, employees will discover that janitorial work is more than just a “dirty business.”

Use Job Scheduling Software to Manage Preventive Maintenance
by Heather Siefert

Learn how CleanTelligent’s Job Scheduling Software can help you create a preventive maintenance program that reduces employee downtime and maintenance costs.

Managing An Efficient Janitorial Work Order Life Cycle
by Heather Siefert

If your team is struggling to deliver a consistent clean, learn how quality control inspection software can help you measure, teach, and improve performance.

5 Ways to Simplify Your Inspection Process
by Heather Siefert

Learn how CleanTelligent’s mobile inspection software can help your team emphasize your cleaning standards, analyze performance, and deliver a consistent clean.

How COVID-19 is Changing The Definition of "Clean"
by Jamee Brussel

As some states and countries look to reduce the shelter-in-place orders, it is important to understand how COVID-19 spreads so that you can enjoy the freedom and stay healthy.

Customer Loyalty and Communities: The Power of Giving Back
by Heather Siefert

There is no doubt that the cleaning companies with a loyal customer base are more profitable. Use these five tips to enhance your current client retention strategy.

Create a Janitorial Team that Works Smarter
by Heather Siefert

When managers invest the time to clearly explain and delegate tasks, new and veteran cleaners will be able to successfully complete tasks—on the first try.

Strengthening Your Customer Service Program
by Heather Siefert

Customer service programs must balance the way your team evaluates their own performance, asks for customer feedback and then uses the information to improve service delivery.